About Us


Vettania Clark (Author) and Ayanna S. Clark (Illustrator)

Cousin Dual

We are a cousin duo that is partnering to share positive stories. We are working together to use our love of art, creativity and imagination. We are proud to create inspiring, vibrant and educational children's books for families to enjoy. 

- Vettania Clark, Author -

 I grew up in Compton, CA but spent most of my adult life in Long Beach, CA. As the eldest of 4 children I learned early on that family is important. My parents taught me the values of confidence, self-love, education and hard work.  


I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education.  With over 20 years of experience, I am currently working as a special education teacher for students with autism.  In college I took a creative writing class that helped me discover my gift with words.  My author journey was also inspired by her father who wrote & illustrated a book but never had the chance to have it published.


My book title, Bumble Bee Me is a tribute to my father.  My hobbies and interests also include dancing, reading, sewing, traveling, drawing and crafting.  I am in a loving relationship with my significant other and we parent our daughter together.

My young daughter keeps my home lively with her smart and curious behavior.​

- Ayanna Clark, Illustrator -

Born and raised in Compton, CA; I grew up in a faith based community. I have a host of siblings and maintains a close relationship with all of them.  I have always had a passion for drawing as a young child. I struggled with self-esteem and used my art as a positive outlet. However, as an adult my battle with breast cancer helped to push me as a freelance artist and illustration career.


I realized that life was short after my breast cancer battle.  I quickly discovered that I needed to pursue my passions and purpose in life.  I tried digital art and fell back in love with creating.  I strive to help young girls know their worth through my artwork. 


I founded Art You Happy, LLC; and I am dedicated to uplifting others through my artwork and illustrations.  I have lent my talent to several children’s books and creative projects to date.  I also enjoy writing and I am continuing to embrace my purpose.