Meet Izzy
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She’s a curious little girl who enjoys adventure.  She’s always interested in learning new things and going to new places.  Izzy’s parent focuses on building her self awareness by allowing her to make choices and learn from those decisions. With the help of her Mom and Dad, she will explore her community and learn of its wonder.

Meet Raelyn
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Bumblebee Me is a story about a girl named Raelyn whose self confidence is admirable. Her parents encourage her self love by accepting her uniqueness but giving her sound advice that will guide her through life.

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Izzy and Raelyn wants to go to school, you can help them by making a donation. Your donations will help them get into classroom libraries. 

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Izzy Goes To The Library

Bumblebee Me

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Look out world meet Raelyn. A fierce young lady who knows that God-made her uniquely to be the Bumble Me that She wants to be. She shows such confidence and spunk in knowing who she is and who she will always BE. 

This story inspired me to share with Paris. Paris, said, "Raelyn sounds a lot like me, GiGi." Building self confidence, speaks volumes.

I would definitely recommend this book as a great read because of the message and the skillfully drawn images.

Congratulations and kudos to you, the cousin duo!!! Well done ladies.

Get your copy today and check out the other books in her series.    Darren Fisher


The author did an excellent job the words seem to come off the page and put you in the book with Izzy. Makes the visit to the library fun for those reading the book. The illustrator went to great detail with each illustration. The colors used will capture the child’s attention. The illustrations are so vivid.        S. Wilform- Amazon review

Izzy Goes to the Library brought back so many sweet memories! I used to take my Li-Li to the library all the time. She started reading at 2.5, so she ALWAYS wanted to read, read, and read some more. Even though we had TONS of books at home, Li-Li loved going to the library to hear Ms. Beth read. Then, we always went to the park next door. Li-Li loved all the fun activities the library always had. It was such a special time for us. My hubby was always working when we went, so it was often just us girls!                   

Gin Spaulding- Amazon Review

My daughter loves this book. She stated look she looks like me!!! I love it!!!! Can't wait for more from this author. Also my husband is really impressed with the illustrations. Great job ladies!!        Patrick Marshall- Amazon review